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    Plain. Website

    A website repository of things I'm tired of repeating or layouts that could be recycled because they've been coded and tested to work. I've also curated some scripts that I use regularly on websites. I may not use all of the scripts on this site, but may do so on future projects.

    The organization of files and folders may not be optimal at the moment, but will improve over time. Copy at will.

    Roswell That Ends Well

    Hey, what kinda party is this? Please, Don-Bot look into your hard drive, and open your mercy file! I don't need to drink. Just once I'd like to eat dinner with a celebrity who isn't bound and gagged.

    The Cyber House Rules

    Why would a robot need to drink? And then the battle's not so bad? Morbo can't understand his teleprompter because he forgot how you say that letter that's shaped like a man wearing a hat.

    A Clone of My Own

    Large bet on myself in round one. Ooh, name it after me. Anyhoo, your net-suits will allow you to experience Fry's worm infested bowels as if you were actually wriggling through them.